Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wading Through 9-11

It's the anniversary of the day conservatives when insane. Perspective time.

Can we compare 9-11 to the Reichstag fire?
Goodness knows lots of people have tried but the truth is it kinda was, in that pathetic, failed way everything George Bush touched was. In 1933, a Dutch communist set fire to the German legislative building; Hitler used it as an excuse to impose his dream of a 1,000 year Nazi dictatorship on a frightened German people and to wage war against much of the world.

In 2001, several Arabs flew a couple of planes into the World Trade Center; Bush and Karl Rove tried to use it to build a Permanent Republican Majority and to reshape the Middle East.

Was 9-11 a CIA conspiracy?
I love a good conspiracy theory, but no it wasn't. This is probably the most documented conspiracy theory in history. The problem is that as a terrorist act it only requires a couple dozen people, as a conspiracy it would require the manpower of the moon landing.

Demolition experts had to wire the buildings. There had to be a shitload of intelligence people who knew about the plane hijacking for there to be enough knowledge for the CIA to hijack the hijacking. Air Force personnel from generals to pilots to radar operators had to be involved. Civilian air traffic controllers had to be in on it. Ground crews and airport security had to assist for the government to install remote control of the doomed planes. All this intricate planning from a group of people who couldn't plant a couple of cylinders of nerve gas in Baghdad when they really needed to find some WMDs.

Was it an Israeli plot instead?
A more believable theory if only because the Mossad has a better reputation than the CIA. Still, it fails for the same reason as the CIA theory. Too many people had to be involved to pull it off as a conspiracy.

Could airplanes and jet fuel do all that happened on 9-11?
The basis for this theory is that jet fuel burns at a far lower temperature than the WTC fires. There are scientists on both sides of this debate, there is science saying conspiracy and equally believable science saying not. Until someone actually tests these theories I am going to believe that nobody knows.

Did the government lie to New Yorkers about the health dangers around Ground Zero?

The death toll of relief workers during the ensuing years proves this is almost certainly true.

Did Bush ignore warning about al Qaeda?
Of course. But not because he was part of some grand conspiracy but because he is an ignorant twit. He also ignored warnings about the 2008 economic collapse.

Is 9-11 like Pearl Harbor, the beginning of a World War against Islam?
Pearl Harbor was a massive attack - three carrier divisions, three submarine squadrons, over 400 planes. 9-11 was 19 hijackers who got lucky. The US death tolls were about equal.

As for beginning a world war, that is just a neocon wet dream. There are no Muslim invasions of other nations, no massive armies fighting each other. Just a lot of IEDs set by people defending their homelands against American troops.

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