Saturday, September 04, 2010

US Funds Afghan Corruption

I understand the logic of this, I really do. I understand why the United States will bail out Kabul Bank of the money stolen from it by Afghan officials. I understand why the US is officially accepting government corruption in Afghanistan. The United States has put all of its eggs in the success of the Hamid Karzai. Any effort to fight corruption will threaten Karzai and the Karzai government will fail if the Kabul Bank goes broke.
I understand that any other action will lead to the total failure of the US mission in Afghanistan and victory for the Taliban. However, from a purely political point of view these are horrible decisions for President Obama and the Democratic Party.

It will put Democrats on the wrong side of any honest government debate. It will resurrect the moribund meme that Obama is part of the "corrupt Chicago machine." And what's worse, it won't save the Karzai kleptocracy, it will simply embolden the criminal element in the Afghan government into still greater acts of theft.

While I'm at it, President Obama declaring the end of combat operations in Iraq (only seven years after Bush's absurd claim) carries all the weight of an anorexic flea since we still have 50,000 soldiers in country. By most definitions that is an occupation army.

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