Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Florida Fascists to Burn Koran

It is hard not the see the parallels between Nazi book burning and the the Florida Koran burning. Both were meant to cleanse society by fire of the influence of an "evil religion" - then Judaism, now Islam. Both were to be symbolic beginnings.
...the flames continued to crackle, in which heaps and heaps of collected Jewish poison-literature had been thrown. With this demonstration is the struggle against the Un-German spirit symbolically begun, a struggle that will now proceed. This struggle will not stop, until all Germans are again of the German spirit. ~ Joseph Goebbels, May 1933

We draw the following tenets from Islam with the specific aim of outdoing the enemy in all aspects of the game of war on terror so that we could destroy Islam - once and forever. ~ War on Jihad
We know that the 1933 book burning led to a Holocaust. The desired outcome of the 2010 book burning is nuclear annihilation.

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