Monday, September 13, 2010

Short Takes

The Duke of Chutzpah
Former Republican Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham was in the news again last week. If you'll remember, Duke is serving an eight year prison sentence for soliciting and taking bribes. Duke was complaining to a judge that he shouldn't have to pay back taxes to the IRS for all the unreported bribes he took, that if he had known he'd have to pay taxes he never would have accepted a plea bargain.

How Republican is that? He objects to paying taxes on bribes.

Lobbyist Smoke and Mirrors
Duke's replacement, Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray, is following in his master's footsteps. Brian has been caught sponsoring a "cigar club" where lobbyists puff stogies with congressmen and their aides (paging Sigmund Freud) and, hidden by the smokey haze, the congressmen give in to the lobbyist fondest wishes.

Hillbilly Gun Culture
One of the best arguments for gun control are gun owners. In the hills of eastern Kentucky, a wife served cold eggs to her husband. Understandably upset, the man, Stanley Neace, grabbed his shotgun and killed his wife plus four of his neighbors. It was his second amendment and biblical right.

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