Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Top Five Posts Every

I deliberately haven't tried to find out whether anyone is reading this indulgence of mine. I consider it like posting my daily rants on the corner telephone pole to be read or ignored as people wish. Well, Blogger has added a Stats feature that, like it or not, tells me about my audience.

I have between 200 and 6oo page views a day. Now that doesn't mean readers. Many are probably spambots. Chances are most of the others just glance at the page, notice no pictures of Salma Hayek, and move on.
I just doubled by readership.

Most of my viewers come from the United States. No surprise since most of of friends and family are there. Interestingly, better than 10% are Dutch. I can't figure that out but, beste wensen, ya'll.

My Top Five
  1. The Decline and Fall of the United States. By far my most popular title. Lots of people these days are googling variations off of "fall of the united states" and finding this. Judging from recent comments most are looking for proof that Obama is the Anti-Christ and go away disappointed that I blame George Bush.
  2. American Religious Cults. A personal favorite that is getting attention because of those Republicans who have taken to calling Islam a cult. Real religious cults are recent sects like Mormonism (for polygamy) and Southern Baptists (created to defend slavery).
  3. McCain's Delusional. I am baffled that this one is heading the list. When I wrote it he was a presidential candidate, now he's just another crazy Republican and, frankly, nowhere near the craziest.
  4. The National Languages of the United States. Another personal favorite wherein I look at some of the many vibrant, non-English languages within the United States.
  5. Pity Poor Hester Prynne, If She Lived in Mackinac. Probably only here because of students looking for a quick summary of The Scarlet Letter. Still, it is a pithy little title.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit Salma Hayek got my attention as I scanned the blog front page -- but, honest, I read the posts above it.

Perhaps bots should not be looked down upon; they have more redeeming qualities than some of the people/institutions you write about.