Friday, September 03, 2010

Big Oil and the War Against People

Just how stupid do they think we are?

BP Extortion
British Petroleum is threatening that if they are not given carte blanche to drill anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico they want at whatever the risk then BP will stiff the people they injured with their massive oil spill. Former CEO Tony Hayward may have been a jerk but we are learning the their current CEO Robert Dudley is a certifiable psychopath.

What BP seems to forget is they have lots of assets the government can attach if it chooses and lots of ways to punish the company if it goes rogue. The government can take their entire American operations into receivership. And then there is the threat to ban BP from doing any business with the United States in perpetuity.

Air Force Anti-Wind Farm
The Air Force says they are terrified of wind turbines because they can fool radar. So can tall buildings. So can mountains. But like those other things, wind turbines don't move. If you know where something is you can work around it. What you see here is Pentagon officials being bribed by Big Oil to kill competing technology. Hell, it's probably BP doing the bribing.

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