Monday, September 27, 2010

San Diego Football Chargers 2010

Some more not-politics. I've been watching the San Diego Chargers play football since Jack Kemp was the quarterback. I've seen the good (Dan Fouts, Lance Alworth) and the bad (Ryan Leaf).
  1. Special Teams. If I were Special Teams coach, Steve Crosby, I wouldn't be making any long term plans, like dental appointments. His squad has allowed three returns for a touchdown already this year (out of only eight for the entire league) plus given up a blocked punt.
  2. Shawne Merriman. He's had one great year and enough good games to convince himself he's a stud even though he is now a pussycat. The last few years he has seen more doctor's offices and softcore porn stars than football fields.
  3. Wait until November. The Chargers under coach Norv Turner don't start trying before November. They may win a game here and there, mostly by accident, but the Chargers habitually sleepwalk through the first six games of a season.
  4. Darren Sproles. Not his fault but the coaches. Sproles is the highest paid player on the team, earning even more base pay than Phillip Rivers, but he hardly ever sees the ball. Yesterday, Sproles had six touches (one run, one pass catch, four kick returns). A waste.
  5. Choking. It's never too early for a Chargers fan to anticipate their annual playoff choke. They will win just enough to squeak into the playoffs then they will have a game so ugly even their mothers won't kiss them. They do it every year.
  6. Stadium. And the team will continue to try to coerce a bankrupt city into building a new play palace for them. All in all it's the most fun to be had from the team nowadays.


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