Wednesday, September 29, 2010

O'Donnell Endears Herself to the Uneducated Elite

For Republicans, education is a sin. Remember how Adam and Eve got kicked out of the Garden for eating of the knowledge of Good and Evil? There was George Bush's semi-literate ramblings. Remember how he only got unpopular when he started using complete sentences?
Remember how Republicans worship a God who is supposed to have created man but was dumb enough to include the appendix? Remember how in Texas they are removing facts from their textbooks? Remember how 7% of Republicans don't even believe that Hawaii is a state? Remember how Republicans believe in witches?

Republicans worship ignorance, how else to explain Sarah Palin?

Christine O'Donnell's Republican appeal is going to skyrocket. She has claims three universities as alma maters. One doesn't exist, one never heard of her, and it took her 21 years to graduate from the third. If Ignorance Is Bliss, O'Donnell is the happiest person in Christendom. (Explains why she doesn't need orgasms.)

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Anonymous said...

You're on a roll, here. Another amazing day in the republican universe. Unfortunately I am very worried about American voters. Are there enough cognizant, thinking voters to keep us from a self inflicted debacle worse than anything terrorists could inflict?