Sunday, September 19, 2010

Joe Miller and Unemployment

Given the nature of nature in Alaska (harsh winters with really long nights) there is probably no state in the union where the workers are more dependent on unemployment insurance. It's kind of hard to construct something when the temperature is 30 below zero and the days are two hours long.

This makes Joe Miller's charge that unemployment insurance is unconstitutional all the more bizarre. Of course, Miller is a lawyer. Which means he spends all his time indoor in a well lit office. He has never had to step outside into the harsh, cold light of an Alaskan winter to work.

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Anonymous said...

Alaska has generally generous unemployment which it is hoped will keep people in the state over the winter. A lot of Alaska employment is very seasonal, for a few months of the summer.

As far as representing the realities of Alaska, Joe Miller is poison. Or, rather he has instantly become the great panderer -- saying what he must to get the wacko right votes and now running fast away from the right extreme so as not to sound so extreme, but with a wink and a nod to the far right, so they know he is really lying.

Mostly, like Murkowski, he just wants to be a Republican US Senator, the graft pays well.

Makes me want to puke over the hypocrisy.

And, since Murkowski ego driven attempt at a write-in candidacy seems to be taking votes from McAdams (according to polling), she may be guaranteeing an extreme wacko gets elected. Swell.