Saturday, August 27, 2016

'Women Have No Legitimate Use for Freedom'

Thus saith a commenter to the American Thinker article that says women have destroyed Western civilization by voting. American Thinker is the "scholarly" voice of the Alt-right movement. If Breitbart is the modern Der Stürmer, American Thinker is an updated Das Schwarze Korps.
The article in question is a typical American Thinker piece, a pseudo-intellectual work that uses run-on sentences to mimic erudition. Author David Solway's premise is that civilization is a male creation and women voters, with their disdain for war and their charitable spirits, have emasculated society and stripped civilization of its rugged manliness.

He argues that women be forbidden the vote because only people who fight wars (i.e. men) should be allowed the franchise because only they have the right to make the serious decisions of governance.

He states that women are a burden to the economy. Women, he says, work in "education and caring occupations' that are unproductive drains on the economy that threaten to suck resources away from the military.

He suggests women are responsible for infectious diseases because Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, before women could vote in England and, apparently, women voters would have stifled him. He says women have the "catastrophic" trait of being nice which is dooming Western civilization.

The comments section is the same troglodyte shit, just less civilized. They content women "procreate," apparently without male assistance, and steal men's money to raise the children. And then these evil women complain when the man kidnaps his children for his own uses.

One moans that the "soccer mom" voting demographic had "ruined Bruce Springsteen's music." Another complains that "White women gave the election to the Kenyan twice." A third blames women for the automatic transmission in cars. Breitbart is scary. American Thinker is just funny.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wading in the Breitbart Fever Swamp

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. ~ Sun Tsu
I've always sought out rightwing opinions in an effort to know my political enemies. For years that meant reading Bill Buckley's National Review. More recently I've added the Redstate website.

But with the rise of Donald Trump these have become unreliable places to find opposing thoughts. Just today, a Redstate front page writer wrote in praise Rachel Maddow's evisceration of Trump's campaign manager. A year ago that would have earned the writer a swift banning. Finding so many conservatives swimming in my pond I had to reach deeper into the swamp to find Trump's True Believers.

Hence, last Spring I began reading Breitbart. It is a disgusting, disease ridden place. You've all seen the most hate-filled headlines like "Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy" and "Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew." No links, if you want to read that shit you'll have to Google it yourself. Worst than the headlines and stories are the comments.

Just today, Breitbart commenters were calling US Olympic soccer goalie Hope Solo a "mudshark" a KKK term for a woman who commits miscegenation. They routinely call African-Americans "animals" or "monkeys" and attack women as a "small boobed whores." Dissenting commenters will be denounced as "Jew liars" destined for "the ovens."

But their love for all things Trump is almost undying. Almost, because there is a rumble of rebellion in the ranks over Trump's hinting at not forcibly rounding up and deporting tens of millions of non-whites. Although most are comforted by the belief that Trump is lying about compassion and that he will be swift and ruthless once elected.

Trump loves them too, as witness his hiring of Breitbart head Steve Bannon to be the Trump campaign CEO and his bringing noted British racist Nigel Farage over for a joint rally in Mississippi.

Breitbart is a rancid place but it is a necessary study to know the threats we face.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Donny and the Invisible Voters

It is sure to be a laff riot as the hilarious Donny Trump searches for the elusive Invisible Voters. Co-starring the evilest straightman in political history, Steve Bannon, and the seductive Kellyanne Conway, the three go on a wacky quest through the dark frightening forests of the Alt-Right seeking invisible voters that can't be seen by any poll or survey.

Watch the conniving Bannon twist gullible Donny around his little finger. Marvel as Kellyanne bats her eyelashes and magically turns little Donny into an actual ventriloquist dummy. Laugh out loud as Donny does his classic bit of failing to pick up a newspaper with his tiny, tiny hands.

We'd like to say it's fun for the whole family but the truth is that small children and rational, educated adults might find certain scenes terrifying. But those with minimal intelligence and no self-esteem will believe absolutely everything they see.

Coming this fall to a theater near you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How Crazy Is Donald Trump?

Since Trump and his surrogates have been all over everywhere questioning Clinton's health (She likes a little lumbar support when seated and has been know to sleep at night. She's obviously at death's door.) it's only fair if I look at Trump's mental health. The American Psychiatric Association has declared it unethical for psychiatrists to analyze Trump from afar but I'm not a doctor so I can.

I took the Self-Assessment on Psychopathy / Narcissistic Personality Disorder on Donald's behalf. I tried to answer the 42 questions like Donald would and while a few questions were difficult most were quite easy. Here are the results.
There are strong indications that you might have a psychopathic / antisocial personality disorder. You reached 100,00% of Factor 1 which captures the core personality traits of psychopathy that define the interpersonal and affective deficits of this personality disorder.
Psychopathy is distinguished by callous unemotional traits (e.g., glibness, pathological lying, shallow affect, and lack of empathy).
You reached 77,78% of Factor 2 which captures the traits of antisocial behavior (e.g. criminal versatility, impulsiveness, irresponsibility, poor behaviour controls) and is associated with reactive anger, social deviance, sensation seeking, anxiety, increased risk of suicide, criminality, and impulsive violence.
Antisocial personality disorder displays a sense of entitlement, unremorseful, apathetic to others, unconscionable, blameful of others, manipulative and conning.
There are strong indications that you might have a narcissistic personality disorder.
Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism. [Source]

We've all seen these traits in Donald. The incessant bragging about having "a very good brain" and being his own best advisor because he knows more about war than "the generals." And his obsessive maniacal reactions when criticized. He treats every little pinprick of criticism like it was a dagger to the heart. Do you remember when Trump was outraged that Clinton didn't congratulate him in her nomination acceptance speech? That was some serious neediness.
There are strong indications that you might have a histrionic personality disorder.
Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality. [Source] You know, like feeling compelled to call reporters pretending to be his own publicist to brag about himself and his sexual conquests.
You meet 100% of the range of general personality disorder criteria. This further indicates that you might have to deal with a severe personality disorder. Thus, is strongly recommended you seek a professional diagnosis to be sure what exactly you are dealing with. It might turn out useful to print the previous page including your selections and take it to a psychotherapist, psychiatrist or psychologist.
Take the test on Donald's behalf yourself. Be fair. Answer the questions just like Donald would answer them. And if you know Donald, print out the results and put them on his desk. It would be a kindness. His life would be so much happier if he would address these demons that possess him.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Things to Expect

If Trump Wins...
In Baton Rouge on August 19, the first people off the plane were these two men.
1. Trump's heavily armed Praetorian Guard announcing his arrival in a city.
2. Trump winning 95% of every subsequent election vote, including the one to suspend the Constitution during the war against Islam.
3. A purge of Republicans deemed Trump's political enemies and the imprisonment of his Democratic opponents.
4. Arnold Schwarzengger will be Trump's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff.

If Trump Loses...
1. Trump and Bannon will blame renegade Jews and Republican traitors for stabbing him in the back.
2. Trump will refuse to concede, declare the election stolen, and call for an armed rebellion to overturn the results.
3. When that rebellion doesn't happen except for the occupation of a couple of minor federal buildings resolved when the occupiers run out of beef jerky, Trump, Bannon, and Roger Ailes will form a Trump News Network to broadcast radical propaganda (and new episodes of "The Apprentice").

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trump's Microscopic Ad Buy

When Trump's campaign announced their first media buy in three swing states a few days ago I expected a modest buy, three or four million dollars. Not enough to match Clinton but sufficient to at least be in the game. I was wrong.

Trump is investing an infinitesimal $72,000 in Ohio (Clinton - $17 million). That's barely enough for a starter campaign across Ohio's forty news/talk radio stations. Forget television except maybe a small buy on Zanesville's 2:30am broadcast of The People's Court.

In Pennsylvania, Trump is buying $78,000 in ads (Clinton - $6 million). He is going for a relatively big buy in Florida of $270,000 which is a tad over one percent of Clinton's $23 million investment. All totaled, Trump's $420,000 ad buy is less than McDonald's will spend this month advertising in Miami alone.

I tried to come up with some new way to describe how pathetic this is. I came up with...

This insect penis is both larger and more impressive than Trump's first ad buy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Damn, Trump Let Me Write About Something Else

So much Trump, so little bandwidth.

Keeps Stepping On His Own Headlines
So Trump makes a major "law and order" speech in Wisconsin, teleprompter and everything. So, rather than let this morning's headlines be about, you know, that, Trump shits all over himself by publicly reorganizing the top of his campaign staff. Again. It's not like he couldn't wait until Friday to make the change and let the news concentrate on his policies instead of the circus clowns.

Speaking of Clowns
And what a clown. Trump's new campaign head is a man with zero experience in running a campaign or working on a national campaign. Steve Bannon's sole qualification is his slavish devotion to all things Trump and, as head of an alt-right website, he has never met a weird conspiracy theory he couldn't swallow whole. We can expect Bannon and Trump to say

Where Are the Adults?
It is accepted that Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are the only intelligent members of the campaign. Where they are is exiled on "vacation" to Croatia sharing a yacht with Rupert Murdoch ex-wife who is rumored to be the current mistress of Vladimir Putin. Eighty-two days before an election is no time to be vacationing so, unless the Kushner's are negotiating the surrender of NATO to Russia, their absence from the campaign is really stupid.

Speaking of Russia
On the eve of receiving his first CIA briefing, Trump is on FOX News says that he won't be listening to American intelligence because he doesn't trust it. I suspect Trump will be more open to receiving briefings from Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service.

Kneel Before Zod
Trump's spokesperson Omarosa said in a PBS documentary that more important to Trump than turning the country around is that as President he can force his critics and detractors to "bow down" before Trump.

Et Tu Brute?
Most shocking of all, to me, is that John Yoo, author of the Bush Administration's legal justification for torture and, in my mind, a war criminal, has stated that he would rather see Hillary appoint Supreme Court justices than risk a Trump presidency. Really John, after all these years have you finally grown a small moral code.