Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump Broke the Camel's Back

In and of itself, Trump's "pussy" tape would have damaged but not murdered most campaigns. The problem was that it was piled on top of 18 months of shit emanating from The Donald's pie hole. It caused a sudden shift the American Zeitgeist. In the words of Star Trek's Jean-Luc Picard, "The line must be drawn here. This far, no further."

LePage Wants a Trump Dictatorship
History will record that this week marks the official birth of the new American Fascist Party. Maine governor Paul LePage openly called for Donald Trump to impose "authoritarian" rule over the United States. The Republican Party is now officially split into a dominate neo-fascist party under Trump and Rance Priebus and a rump center-right party of traditional Reaganites like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain.

Trump Unbound
Trump has declared his "shackles have been taken off" and he is using this new found freedom to wage civil war against the party that nominated him. To mix my strongman metaphors, Trump's final act as his party's nominee will be to tear down the temple of Republicanism like the biblical Samson.

Methadone For a Political Junkie
I'm leaving for two weeks going to England, hoping the soothing voices of BBC newsreaders will re-energize my soul after the decaying rot of this American election season. Also, I am certain that things will only get worse in the coming days and distance may keep me from ODing on political bile.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

So, I Watched the Debate

  1. The biggest take away for me was Trump's pledge to have his opponent arrested and imprisoned. That is what you would expect out of fascist Italy, Stalin's Russia, or Hussein's Iraq. It is a terrifying prospect.
  2. Trump specifically said he has never groped a woman. At least two women have accused Trump of exactly that. Jill Harth sued Trump in 1997 for sexual harassment and rape and that he groped her. Temple Taggart, Miss Utah 1997, says that Trump grabbed her and forced her to kiss him.
  3. Trump again showed no contrition for his obscene statements on the Access Hollywood tape.
  4. The lurking. Trump choose to stand closely behind Clinton as she spoke in a clear attempt at physical intimidation. Clinton was clearly not intimidated.
  5. Clinton was cool, controlled, presidential while Trump was angry and a little whiny.
  6. I loved the last audience question.
And, because I need this...

Trump's Sleepless Night

The last refuge of the insomniac is a sense of superiority to the sleeping world. ~ Leonard Cohen
Donald Trump brags about his chronic insomnia. According to Trump, his inability to sleep more than three or four hours a night is a sign of his superhuman constitution. His inability to stay focused, his poor judgement, and his forgetfulness are all signs of chronic insomnia.

But that was before the events of the last couple of days. Unless Ivanka slipped a half-dozen Ambians into his warm champagne (only losers drink warm milk before going to bed), Trump likely didn't get a wink of sleep last night.

His mind monkey was jumping frantically between all the contradictory talking points that Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway tried to stuff into his brain, mixing them up horribly. His ego was seething with anger at all the treacherous Republicans withdrawing their support. He was imagining all the vengeance he will wreak on Paul Ryan and Mike Pence.

At some point last night he remembered how much he hated Nancy O'Dell for refusing to let him fuck her. Trump probably got a small erection remembering how he tried to get her fired after she rejected him.

He got up several times wanting to use Twitter only to find that someone (Ivanka) had hidden his cellphone. He had to wait until after breakfast before he was allowed to play with his phone. He also probably got a small erection when Ivanka gave him the phone.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trump: A Most Vile Man

Donald Trump has turned our democracy into an extended Jerry Springer episode. Nothing is so repugnant that there isn't something worse waiting to surface.

I waited to watch Trump's after midnight "apology" video. I had listened to Nixon's "I am not a crook" speech while waiting because I wanted to compare Trump's "apology" to a previous worst moment in presidential history. Tricky Dicky handled it better.

While Trump did apologize he then undid the apology by claiming he wasn't really like that. We have ample evidence from Howard Stern, Alicia Machado, reports from the set of The Apprentice, and the endless spew of misogynist bile from Trump's mouth that the Access Hollywood outtake was an accurate reflection of Trump's psychopathy. In his scripted (by others) speech there was no sign of genuine contrition.

He then buried his apology under his standard stump speech condemnation of Democrats.

This is far from over.
  • Speaker of the House Paul Ryan disinvited Trump from a major rally in Wisconsin. This is a huge snub which may be repeated by other Republicans.
  • Trump has hours, not days, to convince Republican leadership not to disavow him. As it is, they are looking for how to handle Trump withdrawing from the race.
  • Access Hollywood claims to have many more hours of outtakes of Trump being Trump.
  • The production company for The Apprentice is going to be under incredible pressure to release outtakes from that program showing Trump being a misogynist thug.
Then there is the debate where Trump will be unscripted and face this issue repeatedly. If Trump's "apology" video is a predictive then we can expect him to turn every question into an attack on Bill and Hillary. I have no doubt that Hillary will be fully prepared to handle this obvious tactic.

I am leaving the country for two weeks specifically to escape the most revolting period of this election. I really wish I had left yesterday.

Friday, October 07, 2016

The Siberian Candidate

Any doubts that Donald Trump is Russia's handpicked candidate for the American presidency can be put to rest.

The U.N. high commissioner for human rights gave a speech in which he criticized Trump for supporting torture. In response, Russia's UN ambassador virulently complained and defended Trump. Vlad Putin sees Trump as a convivial puppet for Russia, so much so that it intervenes on an international level to protect Trump from criticism.

Trump, for his part has:
Putin knows that the only thing needed to turn Trump into a servile puppy is a little praise. Putin called him "bright" and Trump imagined he had been called a genius. Since then, Trump has looked up to Putin as a great leader.

An American president so easily manipulated is a godsend to Putin.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The Warm Bucket of Piss Debate

John Nance Garner, FDR's first Vice-President, once described the office as "not worth a bucket of warm piss." If vice-presidential debates meant anything then Dan Quayle would have sunk the Republicans in 1988. So what, if anything, can we get from the Kaine-Pence snoozefest?
The Daily Show had the perfect event graphic.

Trump's Losing
One of the clearest signs a candidate is losing is when party loyalists start wishing the Veep candidate was on the top of the ticket. Remember when Republicans wanted to flip the ticket and put Sarah Palin over John McCain? Or those loyalists saying the Veep will make a great presidential nominee four years from now. Both things are happening now.

Is Trump Jealous?
The most delicious rumor out of the debate is that narcissist Trump is livid that Mike Pence upstaged him as a debate performer. Pence's defense of Trump was tepid and most commentators agree that Pence was more interested in promoting Pence than defending Trump. Trump's campaign is denying those reports, of course, they would have to. In the immediate aftermath of the debate Trump will go along with his handlers. But if Trump is losing bigly in late October, watch for Trump to throw Pence under the bus and blame his disloyalty for any defeat.

'That Mexican Thing'
The only memorable line was Pence dismissing Trump's hatred of Hispanics as "that Mexican thing." That line will have legs. It won't flip any votes but it will be remembered.

Pence in 2020?
Failed vice-presidential candidates rarely move up.
  • Bob Dole had to wait 20 years to take his lose as Gerald Ford's second to top a ticket and get creamed by Bill Clinton in 1996.
  • Walter Mondale was Jimmy Carter's Sancho Panza in 1980 only to get humiliated as a presidential nominee in 1984.
The only losing vice-presidential candidate to later win the presidency is Franklin Roosevelt. Mike Pence, you're no Franklin Roosevelt.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Trumping Taxation

Rudy Guiliani calls Donald Trump a genius for not paying taxes. To paraphrase Donald on John McCain:
He’s not a genius, He was a genius because he lost a billion dollars. I like people who didn't lose a billion dollars.
So the proud billionaire is admitting he doesn't pay taxes. For years, Republicans have complained about voters not "having skin in the game," that poor people need to be paying federal taxes. They have even proposed that if you don't pay taxes you should lose the right to vote.
All that time Donald Trump had no skin in the game and, according to Ayn Rand Republicans, has no right to vote let alone run for public office.

As the nation's richest welfare queen, Trump certainly has a unique perspective on taxation. He wants to reduce taxes on the wealthiest Americans because, obviously, for him zero is just too damn high.

Friday, September 30, 2016

The Machado Distraction and the No-Fatties League

When Hillary brought up Alicia Machado and Trump's sleazy treatment of her I figured the memorable moment would be his pathetic whine, "Where did you find this?"
This is the woman Trump says was
60 pounds overweight at the time of this photo.
I forgot what Hillary and her team remembered, Trump has the emotional maturity of a three year-old. When faced with being dissed he gets obsessed to the exclusion of everything else, including sleep.

A sane person would have handled it with a single response and moved on. You know, exactly like he should have handled the Khizr Khan story.

It doesn't really matter what that response is, the important part is moving on.

But Trump can't let go. To the point of waking up in the middle of the night (2:14 am) to send out a series of Twitter blasts. And Trump demands his surrogates obsess over the Machado story too. Those surrogates are all over the news channels pitching detailed Machado smears like pedophiles offering candy to children.

Think for a moment what President Donald Trump would do during an international crisis like Putin threatening to invade Lithuania. He'll get up at a weird hour because he just thought up some insult to hurl at Angela Merkel because of some imagined slight. When the rest of the country wakes up several hours later NATO is torn asunder and Russian tanks are moving into all three Baltic states.

Because of Trump's obsessive-compulsive behavior the Machado story will take up significant time during the Veep debate and will probably come up during the second presidential debate on October 9. And it should because Alicia Machado's weight is clearly a major campaign issue to Donald Trump.

Trump's No-Fatties League
I never thought about nor noticed this until Trump's maniacal disdain for normal sized women became apparent. Trump has several women spokespeople and they all share two characteristics.
  • They are all skinny. Kellyanne Conway especially looks like she may even have an eating disorder.
  • They are all young and attractive. To use a word we all know from that crude jock in high school, they are all hittable
There are no fatties in the Trump campaign. Conway, Katrina Pierson, Hope Hicks, and the other Trump campaign women have not been chosen for their political experience but like they were contestants in one of his beauty pageants. It's actually weird and a little disturbing.