Monday, September 20, 2010

Short Takes

Sharia in America
I was going to go off on Salamander Gingrich for demanding a law banning Sharia laws by insisting that it also include Christian Sharia. Then TPM spoiled my fun by pointing out Gingrich's law already exists. It's called the First Amendment!

Masturbating Witches
The best hope Christine O'Donnell has is if the Delaware Senate election is all about witchcraft and masturbation. Such noise will drown out every real issue and just drag her opponent, Chris Coons, down into the muck.

Dancing With the Stars
The viewership for Dancing With the Stars must be entirely Republican. First there was Tom DeLay, who has all the rhythm of a spastic cripple on crack. Now there is Bristol Palin. Do As I Say Not As I Do Bristol is one of the spokespeople for the Republican Anti-Sex League. Apparently they are trying to prove that being a prim sexless prude is really hot.

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