Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sussing Super Tuesday

Romney's big day. 

Spending Like a Drunken Millionaire
Mitt Romney won Ohio but at what cost? He spent $10 to $12 million, outspending his rivals 10 to 1, to barely eke out a victory. At $25 per vote, his Ohio campaign efficiency, it will take nearly $2 billion for Romney to compete against Obama in a general election. I doubt even Mitt and his billionaire pals can afford that kind of green.

The South Is Dead to Him
Gingrich won Georgia, expected but the margin was not. Romney got swamped in Tennessee, lost handily in Oklahoma, and only got 60% of the vote in Virginia where he was running against nobody. As the Republican nominee, Romney immense unpopularity in the region puts the entire South in play. If a conservative Southerner runs on a third party he could win three to six southern states.

Mitt's It
Romney will be the nominee but unless something changes he will be the weakest Republican nominee since Wendell Wilkie.

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Katy Anders said...

It's as though he doesn't understand that people have to LIKE him.