Thursday, March 15, 2012

Outrage Overload

So much news, my rage gland is over-expressed.

Goldman Sachs - the Evil of Evils
Goldman Sachs, the Devil's Banker, made the tiny mistake of letting a man with the tiniest whiff of human decency into their desecrated caverns. He has revealed that the corporate culture is to screw everybody for profit and screw their customers hardest. Goldman's opinion of their customers would have to improve for them to be considered suckers. They view their clients as somewhere between hapless clowns and fatted calves. It is beyond my understanding why anyone would entrust their money, their investments, or their IPO to the scavengers at Goldman Sachs.

BofA Is No Better
If Goldman Sachs is Satan, then Bank of America is Lucifer. Just as greedy, just as rapacious, just as evil, just not as good at it. Matt Taibbi, the only real journalist in the Western Hemisphere, lists the various crimes that Bank of America commits with the gentle charm of a schoolyard bully on crank.

Why anyone would trust their money, investment capital, or sacred honor to either bank is a mystery.

GOP Like the Violence Part
Republicans take pains to point out they don't oppose the whole thing, they like the "against women" part of the Violence Against Women Act. They also like the "violence" part, it's just the "act" part that enrages them. They realize it doesn't look good, favoring violence against women, but there is a greater political principle involved. Women are just getting to uppity.

Afghanistan Forever
There was a time when the Afghan War made sense back when the goal was to crush al-Qaeda, drive the Taliban from power, and take some understandable vengeance for the crimes committed against us. But that was a decade ago. Now, there is no earthly reason to stay. We should leave with a few parting instructions. If the Taliban regains power we shall cut off all aid and keep a watchful eye on them. Should al-Qaeda return we will destroy them and any innocent unfortunate enough to be close. Other than that, they are on their own and good luck.

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Anonymous said...

Afghanistan: When you have no clear purpose, you can never tell when you accomplish it, but you also can't be shown to be a failure. You just keep talking about that unknown mission while people die and families in multiple countries are torn up.

Gpldman: precisely the same strategy that Enron had, up until their stock dropped from 90 to less than 1.

Women: Why would a sane woman ever vote for a Republican given the Republicans' obvious hatred of women?