Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Southern Fried Voting

Between Success and Failure
If just 4,500 votes had shifted from Santorum to Romney in Mississippi the entire story of last night would have changed. Mittens would have broken through in the Deep South and all would be right in his gilt-edged little world. And Romney's camp wouldn't be desperately trying to forget they had predicted victory just last Monday.

LDS Polynesia
Romney winning American Samoa was no surprise, a quarter of the population is Mormon. What is surprising is that Mittens failed to get a majority of the vote in Hawaii. There are over 68,000 Mormons in the state yet Romney got only 4,250 votes.

Can't Buy Him Love
The disconnect between spending and results is remarkable. Romney is continually outspending Santorum by 5 to 1 and more and if it is having any effect at all I can't see it.

Land of Lincoln
Romney leads the latest Illinois poll but within the margin of error, never a good sign as Mittens tends to under preform the polls. But Romney can lose on votes and still win on delegates because, as in other states, Santorum hasn't filed a full list of delegates.

It's Still Mitt
I still think that Romney will get the nomination although he may need Ron Paul's delegates to close the deal and that means Rand Paul will be the Vice-Presidential nominee, can we say Sarah Palin with a penis. Mittens will probably limp into the general election but it will be as a severely lame elephant.

Lame Elephant Joke
How can you tell you passed an elephant?
You can't flush the toilet. 

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