Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Short Thoughts

Arm Trayvon
Does anyone think that if Trayvon Martin had successfully defended himself against that thug who had accosted him in the night that the young, black teen would not be rotting in jail right now?

DVD Nation
The best way to protect yourself against the obscene onslaught of campaign commercials this year is watch DVDs, pre-record shows and fast forward through the trash, and avoid live sports. Turning off the ringer on your phone and using a "burn phone" to talk to family and friends will eliminate most of those torturous robo-calls.

The Supremes
Ever notice how the US government is structured exactly like Iran's. Both have parliaments and presidents. But sitting above them all is a Guardian Council (Supreme Court) of extremely conservative, out of touch, black-robed clerics who rewrite laws at whim.

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Anonymous said...

Just curious: given that Trayvon was being stalked, surely he had the right to "stand his ground". If his stalker also had the same right, then did each have the right to kill and did each, accordingly deserve to die? Is that the free for all this silly law contemplates in practice? Why do I not hear about Trayvon's right, just his murderers?