Monday, March 05, 2012

Gas Is Still Too Cheap

Gas prices here in Southern California are about $4.50 per gallon. You'd think at that price people would avoid wasting it. You'd be wrong.

I was walking through my local grocery store parking lot today and saw four(!!!) people sitting in four(!!!!) big pick-up trucks and SUVs sucking on their Starbucks coffee while parked with their engines running so the air conditioner could keep them cool.

The temperature today is high 70's, not exactly winter wonderland weather but...come on guys!!!!!
Not my picture but I actually saw this once.

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Anonymous said...

For some, it is too cheap. But they have money to burn, so they burn the money and then complain about it. For others, living close to the edge, the price increase can have much more impact, particularly in concert with other efforts to squeeze and punish the poor for not giving up more money to feed the rich.