Friday, March 30, 2012

Solyent Pink

Vegans have it easy.
"Pink slime" is the by-products of cattle butchery infused with poison (ammonia gas) and mixed into an extruded slurry that looks remarkably like strawberry yogurt. It is then infused into ground beef to make cheap hamburger. Defenders like Sam Brownback and Rick Perry want the press to use the fictitious term "finely textured beef."
Which would make Solyent Green "finely textured human" and sound pretty damn sophisticated.
They say people shouldn't stop eating this shit just because they find it disgusting lest profits for the massive (and massively evil) multi-national corporation Cargill suffer. They slyly avoid the fact this stuff used to be thrown out as trash and insist it is a perfectly eatable food-like substance. They also avoid noting that Cargill has its own PAC to bribe politicians.


Anonymous said...

Not so easy -- people claim that vegans are preachy, judgmental, evil, and twisted. Kind of ironic to have religious zealots calling vegans judgmental. I am not really sure how most people even know. I am vegan and don't know who else is, just like I don't know who is gay. Generally, it's not really my business, until somebody makes it my business, just like religion. People can believe what they want, but how about if they just do that and otherwise keep their mouths shut. Frankly, I would rather know a vegan than a religious person any day in the week.

Having said all of that, I agree with you that vegans are not as much at the mercy of mega corporations who place profits ahead of both how animals are treated, and what kind of sewage they cram in the foods that they want their customers to buy, but not know what how it is polluted.

Anonymous said...

I haven't eaten hamburger in way too long to remember.