Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rick Santorum's War on Sex - Historical Perspective

Rick Santorum has promised to put Afghanistan, terrorism, and the economy on the back burner as his administration wages a war on pornography. It will be a tough job seeing as pornography has a history longer than history itself.

Prehistoric Porn
Archeologists have discovered 11,000 year-old cave drawings of a man with a raging erection. In Germany a 28,000 year-old stone dildo was recently discovered.

Ancient Egyptian Porn
The Turin Papyrus dates to around 1100 BCE. When viewed by the same French scholar who deciphered the Rosetta Stone, he described it as "an image of monstrous obscenity."

Biblical Porn
The Bible is chock-a-block full of pornography imagery including some pretty sick stuff. A partial list includes:
~ David dancing naked in front of the Ark of the Covenant (2 Samuel 6:14-20)
~ Repeated Coprophagia (Ezekiel 4:12:13, 2 Kings 18:27, Malachi 2:2-3)
~ Flatulophilia (Isaiah 16:11)
~ The entire Song of Solomon.
About the last one. Religious sorts like to claim that the Song of Solomon is not obscene because the breast fondling and oral sex it describes is coitus between a man and his wife. Just like all porn used to be sold as a "marital aide." Oh, and Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. So, there's that.

Roman Porn
Ancient 3-way found on a wall in Pompeii
Ancient Romans elevated pornography into an art form. Statues, paintings, poetry, murals, graffiti, there was nothing pornographic that the Romans weren't masters at.

Catholic Porn
Take a look at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, there is a shitload of boobs and dicks. Renaissance art, in general, was fascinated by the nude form. Then there is the Vision of St. Bernard painted in 1650 by Alonso Sano. It depicts the Virgin Mary squirting breast milk into the saint's mouth.

Jesus Snuff Porn
Otherwise known as "The Passion of the Christ." While Mel Gibson's film is the most famous telling, every Easter Christian churches hold Passion Plays where the torture and murder of their god is graphically portrayed.

If Rick Santorum wants to remove pornography from American life he has quite a job ahead.


Anonymous said...

Santorum seems to think about sex pretty much all the time. Gay sex. Child sex. Adulterous sex. Polygamous sex. Sex without protection, sex in pictures and movies. Sex, sex, sex. On his mind, all the time. Just another self righteous, religious creep telling others what to do while he does what he wants. While the concept of santorum's sex obsession is not as grotesque as rush limbaugh's, it is not much different. It's not hard to guess what's on his mind this exact moment.

Anonymous said...

Santorum has claimed that an open attitude toward sex is un-American. Of course, his beloved founding fathers had no similar problem with sex. Franklin was notorious. Jefferson had a slave child. Washington had a real liking with the ladies. Santorum is the one who wants to intrude in people's private lives because he is embarrassed by his own interest in sex.