Sunday, October 02, 2011

Rick Perry Jumps the Mexican Shark

Wow, it didn't take long for Perry to do a Bachmann (say something desperately insane).
In the last GOP debate Perry was insufficiently hateful towards Mexicans so he knew, within that dim receptacle of his mind, he had to say something appropriately violent, something promising to leave Mexicans bleeding in the streets.

Perry is proposing that the US military invade Mexico. This is not a new idea for him. Back when he wanted Texas to secede from the Union Perry was also urging war with Mexico, although in his childlike mind Perry expects the Mexican government to ask to be invaded.

Apparently, the goals would be:
  • End illegal immigration, because people never flee invasions.
  • End drug violence because nothing stops violence better than artillery. 
  • End the drug trade, because the US Army has been so successful at that goal in Afghanistan.
  • Oil!!!!!!!
  • Annex Baja because...beaches, dude.

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Anonymous said...

This is all consistent with the view of many religion/patriot fanatics that the US is divinely inspired and divinely instructed to "save" the people of every other nation by whatever means necessary (e.g. "kill the people to set them free" as Paul Stookey said in "El Salvador"). Onward, Christian soldiers. It would be nice if we could shut up about how perfect we think we are, mind our own business, and try to improve the way we live our own personal lives, rather than trying to make everyone else into the image that we are unwilling to make ourselves into. Religion is evil.