Thursday, October 13, 2011

Between Stupid and Vile

The distance between stupid and vile can be remarkable tiny.

Topeka, KS - Vile with a touch of stupid
The Topeka City Council wanted to cut unnecessary programs so they voted (7 to 3) to legalize domestic violence within city limits. However, it is still illegal to throw snowballs (Topeka criminal code section 54-123). In Topeka it is just fine to beat your wife with a belt but if you toss a slush ball at her you're in big trouble.

Canadian Border Fence - Stupid with a hint of vile
The US-Canadian border is 5,500 miles long. There are thousands of miles of wilderness, glaciers, and a tiny bit of water known as the Great Lakes. The US government wants to fence much of that border. Where it gets weird is in Vermont. Many small towns sit right on top of the Vermont/Quebec border. The border runs down the center of some streets and even through the middle of some homes. And the Border Patrol is getting badass about enforcing the border. Residents have been arrested for crossing the street, they feel the need to carry a passport every time they leave the house yet they are still harassed.

Glenn Beck - Equal parts vile and stupid
Okay, I know that Glenn Beck is pretty much terrified of everything so it is no surprise he is afraid of the American people. Of course Beck is horror-struck by the Occupy Wall Street movement. How dare people gather together to petition their government for the redress of grievances without prior approval of Fox News. But Beck doesn't just piss his panties in fear, he squeals in panic like a stuck piglet. He has convinced himself we want to execute every man, woman and child in the country. Not true, we have no desire to end Beck's suffering quickly.


Anonymous said...

People who are not rich white male Protestants would be crazy to vote for republicans nowadays. It mystifies me how anyone could be seduced to do so. How could a single woman support people who want them beaten with impunity or want to force them to be pregnant even if to do so would be certain death?

Anonymous said...

BEYOND both stupid and vile, not between.