Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Lord Is My Shepard

I can't seem to get away from religion this week. Maybe it's because the news isn't making sense to me. Or, perhaps it's because Michele Bachmann, with hundreds of legitimate reasons to oppose Herm Cain's inane 9-9-9 Plan, could only think that it reminded her of the number of the Beast.
Anyhow, let's think about the whole God As Shepard metaphor. It makes us the sheep destined to follow meekly, sheepishly, to get sheared on a regular basis, and when it suits His fancy be led to the slaughter. Or as George Orwell put it:
Thou art the giver of
All that thy creatures love,
Full belly twice a day, clean straw to roll upon;
Every beast big and small
Sleeps at peace in his stall,
Thou watchest over all, 

Comrade Napoleon. ~ Animal Farm

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Anonymous said...

the metaphor could not be more apt.