Thursday, October 06, 2011

That Old Time Religion

Pastor Jerry Pittman Sr. saw he gay son pull into the parking lot of his Grace Fellowship Church in Fruitland, TN. Pastor Jerry told his congregation to "sick'em." Church deacons led by Pastor Jerry's brother went out to the parking lot and beat the shit out of Jerry Pittman Jr. and his boyfriend.

In West Hollywood, the United Methodists closed a church because there were too many homosexuals attending.

Marrying Ku Klux Klan and Inquisition traditions, a mob of Georgia Christians set fire to the home of a disabled gay man. They did it on a Sunday morning before going to church.

In North Carolina, a religious leader shot his four year-old step son to death because he thought the child was gay. He also killed a 28 year-old woman but that appears to have been strictly recreational.

Here in California a fundamentalist couple beat an adopted child to death, and another into a coma. The adopted children are black, from Africa. The parents natural, white, children are treated much less violently.


Anonymous said...

These are only illustrations of what religion is and does. I don't think it matters what religion. They all are the same in teaching people to hate and portraying those who are part of that religion as better than and more moral than everyone else.

Anonymous said...

That is not an example of religion, it is an example of extremists. Do not mistake God and his followers to be hate mongers. This is the action of a few who have misconstrued the words into something else and acted out inappropriately. --signed God Loving, open hearted, not living in a glass house, imperfect human, Christian. (Also related to a Gay person)