Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Cain Border Fence

Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage ~ Richard Lovelace
But with enough juice 
you can kill a whole bunch of Spics. ~ Herm Cain (paraphrase)
Herm Cain is desperate to keep those imaginative ideas coming. Now that he has solved the nation's economy by cribbing off a video game he is taking on immigration with his trademark simplicity. He wants to string an electrified prison fence the length of the 2,000 mile US-Mexico border.
'America the Beautiful' will need new lyrics
What Cain hasn't thought of is that electric fences are easy to beat, just go under them. Mexican smugglers have been using cross border tunnels for years. Cain's electric fence will solve the biggest problem smugglers have building them by providing an unlimited, reliable power source for tools, lighting, air conditioning, and even elevators.

Cain's electric fence could power a new, 21st century underground transportation system.

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