Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sports Sunday

Jamming all my sports subjects together to get rid of them.

Sam Jones, 1960
 I hear there is a labor dispute between 1 percenters (the players) and 0.1 percenters (the owners). Don't care, they can both lose and the world will be better for it. Professional basketball has been unwatchable since Michael Jordan retired (and was mostly unwatchable even then).

Cy Young, 1901
Game Six of the World Series was fun. The first half was a comedy of errors (literally) that had to leave the Yankees and Phillies wondering how they could have lost to idiots like this.The second half was as exciting as baseball can get. It was proof that sports don't need clocks or high tech gadgetry.

Football (NFL)
Lance Alworth, 1963
The San Diego Chargers are an interesting exercise in sports psychology. As a team the Chargers are dedicated to expending the least amount of energy necessary to win. They always start slowly, lethargically. If they are losing at halftime they step it up a notch; second halves can be exciting. If they lead at halftime the Chargers start planning their afternoon naps early; at best the second half is a snoozefest. The Chargers have all the killer instinct of Ferdinand the Bull.
Football (College)
All one needs to know about college football is that the Big Ten Conference has 12 teams in it. College football can't even do simple math.  College football is a big money sport using slave labor. The "student athletes" on BCS teams have professional work schedules, some of the smarter ones even make time to attend a few classes. Yet any compensation except free tuition is strictly forbidden.
Nebraska Cornhuskers, 1903


Anonymous said...

I didn't find out the NBA was not happening, until last weekend. Didn't miss it, It seems.

KatyDid said...

When I was a kid, we lived in Nebraska for a while.
There was a student on the team - who the news was always saying had been "dirt poor" growing up - who totaled out three $150,000+ cars in one-car accidents during his college tenure.
I always wondered where a dirt poor kid who was not getting paid for playing was getting all of these vehicles...

Incidentally, only a few years before your Nebraska picture was taken, the team was called The Nebraska Bugeaters, which I love.

So exhausts my sports knowledge...