Friday, October 21, 2011

Communists Under the Bed

They are so retro I expect to see Republicans wearing fedoras and poodle skirts soon. Everywhere conservatives talk about Occupy Wall Street or President Obama or teachers or liberals or, hell, anyone, they accuse them of being communists. I haven't heard this level of Red Scare since the 1950's.

With OSW and Obama Republicans merge all their boogiemen into a single mish-mash. Both, they claim, and communists and Nazis at the same time. That is like being a member of both the Black Panthers and KKK. It's absurd.

Teachers, Republicans argue, are communists indoctrinating children into being loyal Stalinists. Liberals? Communist. All Democrats? Communist! To Some Republicans even Mitt Romney is a communist (maybe a commie robot).

It's not like there are communists everywhere nowadays. Russia is less communist than Las Vegas. China may say it's communist but its economic policies are straight up capitalism at its most aggressive. North Korea has forsaken communism for old-fashioned 12th century feudalism.

The truth is the only thing keeping the notion of communism alive these days are Republicans who insist on labeling anyone they disagree with a pinko, commie, atheist, anarchist, hippie.

Wait a minute. Didn't hippies disappear 40 years ago?


Anonymous said...

Bad news. We are already too far gone. Not only is public education communist, and public colleges, but what about police services, libraries, fire services (Ben Franklin was well-known commie, as we all know), roads, sidewalks, air, sunshine. The abandonment of the use of private property in these areas is appalling.

Anonymous said...

Actually there were people holding up communist and Che Guevara signs in those OWS protests. I have seen the pictures many times. There are communists teaching in our universities, such as William Ayers and that loon who claimed Stalin wasn't a mass murderer.