Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anthrax and Children

Granted that anthrax is a nasty disease and weaponized anthrax even nastier.
Almost as nasty as the band.
But in the last decade there has been a grand total of zero (0) terrorist attacks anywhere in the world using anthrax. The last use of anthrax as a weapon occurred in September, 2001. There are a lot of problems with ill equipped amateurs mixing up a batch of anthrax, the principle one being not accidentally killing yourself and all your buddies.

The first vaccine was a vial of shit that caused way more damage than any possible anthrax attack mostly because President Bush panicked and ordered it administered to the entire US military. There is a newer vaccine that seems to work on adults but the government wants to know if it also works on children.

Anthrax and Children
The process is simple: Collect a bunch of healthy children, give them the vaccine, wait to see if the vaccine kills any of them, then expose the survivors to anthrax and see if the disease kills any more.

In the old days the government could just target poor minority children in an orphanage, no questions asked. But now you have a whole lot of bleeding heart liberals complaining about using children like guinea pigs.

The other option is to wait around for a real terrorist anthrax attack and test it then. The problem there is that whole generations of scientists might pass away without ever getting a chance to experiment on children.

Volunteers Needed
If you are a patriot with enough children you don't mind losing one or two, then contact the National Biodefense Science Board today.


blakmira said...

Anthrax is one of the few things still made in the good ole USA.

In fact, many would argue it was just a big, fat lab-manufactured "scare hoax" back in the 9-11 days -- not unlike the alleged H1N1 "pandemic scare."

Since Big Pharma, McDonald's and Monsanto now own the US government, what's a few thousand children sacrified for profit, eh? Forcing the vaccine on soldiers has already made a lot of them come home and commit suicide.

It ain't the "terrorists" we need saving from...

KnightErrant said...

Even the official version of the 2001 anthrax event says that the perpetrator was a US citizen working on the anthrax vaccine in a government sponsored lab. He was afraid of losing his job to budget cuts so he sent out envelopes with anthrax in them to panic the nation and keep his job.