Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Palestine Statehood

Most of the arguments against Palestine statehood are phony.  The only substantial argument is hardly ever mentioned. There is a big difference between the territory the Palestine Authority controls and the land they want. Particularly difficult will be the settlement bubble southwest of Nablus and the land surrounding Jerusalem (See this map). Given history (see yesterday's post), the fundamentalist Jewish settlements in Hebron will certainly become violent flashpoints as well.

The other, much more frequent, arguments are bullshit.

It's Unilateral
If the UN General Assembly votes Palestinian statehood it will be repeating what happened in 1947 when the United Nations voted to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab states. When over 100 nations vote on an issue it is hardly unilateral.

Palestine Has Divided Government
Fatah controls the West Bank; Hamas controls Gaza. This argument claims that only when Palestine has a unified governing structure can peace be achieved. That's nonsense. Israel, the US, Britain, and almost every democratic government on earth has divisions.

It Will Endanger Israel
This is not new. Israel has been under attack since before it was created. This very small country in a giant sea of hostile Arab nations will continue to be under daily threat regardless of the status of a Palestinian state. With official nationhood status, Palestine may actually have to start bearing responsibility for its actions.

The Issue Will Become a Lightening Rod for Mindless Demagogue
You got me on this one.

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N said...

This here is a challenge. I like challenges, I'm pretty good at making solutions. At that out of all I've ever heard of these issues this is the only time ive heard something that isnt extreme or radical ie sithlike ;o) faith can goto far when implementing conviction, I believe the convicting aspects of religions bear heavy weight on such judgements and promote individual discretion, thankyou for this post I will continue to pray that these people have peace; it truly must be brought to this land the world knows for a fact is Holy. . . . . Ill reiterate thankyou for this article.
anyone wishing to argue with me, thinking they can or believes i may be untruthful unlearned or false please reach me at the link provided i will be happy to share with you any insight i can offer and show you what Truth we stumble upon.