Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Simple Rules of Citizenship

  • Governments Lie. They lie about big stuff, they lie about little stuff. Conservatives and liberals lie alike. You will seldom go wrong by assuming everything every government says is a lie.
  • Politicians Lie. Politicians lie more frequently and more deeply than they breath. They lie about what they believe, they lie about what they will do in office, they lie about who they are. Only a fool believes anything a politician says.
  • Sometimes Truth Happens. Sometimes when a politician lies about a government lie or a government official lies about a politician's lie he accidentally tells the truth. This is a rare event and not something anyone should count on.
  • Money Rules. You can be a scientific genius or a political economist of rare renown, any rich idiot who can't even spell his own name gets a special ear in the halls of government while you are ignored. Words like democracy or socialism are just government lies. All government in the world today are Plutocracies.
  • Industry is conducted upon the supposition that human life is cheap. When compared to the profits to be made. Be it Iraq or Nigeria (oil) or Afghanistan (precious minerals) or Mexico (drugs) the human lives taken are not even measured against the money gained. A tractor lost is carefully marked on the balance sheet; thousands of human lives lost never appear. Even now, in the Gulf of Mexico, the talk is of oil lost and possible dividends missed. The dead are forgotten and the headlines read Can BP Survive?

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