Tuesday, June 01, 2010


A short interlude in my rundown of corporate criminals.

Always #3
Did you ever notice that when an al Qaeda leader is killed it is almost always the #3 guy. Being #3 in al Qaeda is like wearing the red shirt on Star Trek. Either that or after the top two guys everyone else is tied at #3.

Israel Hoisted by Its Own Petard
Israel wants to keep Gaza quiescent by starving them for basic items. Hence the blockade. It is a cruel strategy causing great suffering. Hence the blockade runners. Israel's blockade strategy, boarding boats with military bluster, was begging for a confrontation where Israel could teach the blockade runners a lesson. Israel got its confrontation and the only lesson was why you don't use military force to stop civilian vessels. Only Israel thinks the lesson was they were not brutal enough.

The irony is that Israel was born, in part, from the publicity of another blockade running ship called the Exodus that was brutally stopped. Here is the story of the Exodus ship of 1947.

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