Monday, October 27, 2008

The Great Disenfranchisement

Every American has the right to vote. That is as inalienable a right as the right to life or liberty.

John McCain can still take this election. I don't say "win" because that is impossible. He can take the election through targeted vote manipulation that will go down in history as The Great Disenfranchisement.

Ignore the polls showing Obama leading. Hundreds of thousands of voters, millions if needed, will be stripped of their right to vote on election day by the Justice Department on orders from President Bush. It has been done before but never at the level that will be needed this time.

Its history of banana republic-style elections and creative vote counting will insure that the results will show a McCain victory regardless of the actual voting results. Gov. Charlie Crist has promised to "do anything" to help McCain and he will.

North Carolina
North Carolina Republicans have been using a variety of tactics to suppress Democratic votes. Intimidation, threats, and open thuggery will sway the results.

Similar efforts in Indiana, Georgia, and Missouri will aim to keep those states officially Republican regardless of the will of the voters. But even that will not be enough. McCain still needs Pennsylvania and the polls give Obama an insurmountable lead there. It will take armed attacks on urban polling places to suppress enough votes to swing that state. McCain has the troops, a KKK revival in the Keystone State, to pull it off.

Yes, I'm paranoid. No one can live through the past eight years and not be a little paranoid.

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