Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Couple of Pervs; A Party of Pervs

When I think pervert, I think Larry Flynt. I also think Right Wing News honcho John Hawkins.

Flynt is filming a porno featuring a Sarah Palin lookalike. I would expect nothing better from Flynt. Hawkins wants the really Palin to be Vice-President and, let's be honest, he wants McCain to dies quickly so Palin is President very soon. Hawkins also can't wait for the Palin porn flick to be released. Flynt is candid; he openingly and proudly admits to being a pervert. Hawkins is just as perverted as Flynt in a closed up, masterbating at his keyboard kind of way.

Hawkins is not alone in his perversions, he shares them with many of his fellow Republicans. There is a gigantic population of mouth-breathing Republican men who go to Palin rallies purely to fantasize about her being naked.

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