Saturday, August 27, 2016

'Women Have No Legitimate Use for Freedom'

Thus saith a commenter to the American Thinker article that says women have destroyed Western civilization by voting. American Thinker is the "scholarly" voice of the Alt-right movement. If Breitbart is the modern Der Stürmer, American Thinker is an updated Das Schwarze Korps.
The article in question is a typical American Thinker piece, a pseudo-intellectual work that uses run-on sentences to mimic erudition. Author David Solway's premise is that civilization is a male creation and women voters, with their disdain for war and their charitable spirits, have emasculated society and stripped civilization of its rugged manliness.

He argues that women be forbidden the vote because only people who fight wars (i.e. men) should be allowed the franchise because only they have the right to make the serious decisions of governance.

He states that women are a burden to the economy. Women, he says, work in "education and caring occupations' that are unproductive drains on the economy that threaten to suck resources away from the military.

He suggests women are responsible for infectious diseases because Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, before women could vote in England and, apparently, women voters would have stifled him. He says women have the "catastrophic" trait of being nice which is dooming Western civilization.

The comments section is the same troglodyte shit, just less civilized. They content women "procreate," apparently without male assistance, and steal men's money to raise the children. And then these evil women complain when the man kidnaps his children for his own uses.

One moans that the "soccer mom" voting demographic had "ruined Bruce Springsteen's music." Another complains that "White women gave the election to the Kenyan twice." A third blames women for the automatic transmission in cars. Breitbart is scary. American Thinker is just funny.

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