Saturday, August 20, 2016

Things to Expect

If Trump Wins...
In Baton Rouge on August 19, the first people off the plane were these two men.
1. Trump's heavily armed Praetorian Guard announcing his arrival in a city.
2. Trump winning 95% of every subsequent election vote, including the one to suspend the Constitution during the war against Islam.
3. A purge of Republicans deemed Trump's political enemies and the imprisonment of his Democratic opponents.
4. Arnold Schwarzengger will be Trump's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff.

If Trump Loses...
1. Trump and Bannon will blame renegade Jews and Republican traitors for stabbing him in the back.
2. Trump will refuse to concede, declare the election stolen, and call for an armed rebellion to overturn the results.
3. When that rebellion doesn't happen except for the occupation of a couple of minor federal buildings resolved when the occupiers run out of beef jerky, Trump, Bannon, and Roger Ailes will form a Trump News Network to broadcast radical propaganda (and new episodes of "The Apprentice").

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