Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trump's Microscopic Ad Buy

When Trump's campaign announced their first media buy in three swing states a few days ago I expected a modest buy, three or four million dollars. Not enough to match Clinton but sufficient to at least be in the game. I was wrong.

Trump is investing an infinitesimal $72,000 in Ohio (Clinton - $17 million). That's barely enough for a starter campaign across Ohio's forty news/talk radio stations. Forget television except maybe a small buy on Zanesville's 2:30am broadcast of The People's Court.

In Pennsylvania, Trump is buying $78,000 in ads (Clinton - $6 million). He is going for a relatively big buy in Florida of $270,000 which is a tad over one percent of Clinton's $23 million investment. All totaled, Trump's $420,000 ad buy is less than McDonald's will spend this month advertising in Miami alone.

I tried to come up with some new way to describe how pathetic this is. I came up with...

This insect penis is both larger and more impressive than Trump's first ad buy.

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