Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Trump Kicks Baby Out

Presidential candidates cuddling up to babies is an election cliche. Presidential candidates consoling the families of fallen soldiers is a tradition dating back to George Washington. Presidential candidates, as a rule, tend to speak in complete sentences and have a rudimental grasp of English grammar.

Donald Trump is taking all these foundations of presidential elections and blowing them up bigly. Last night Trump had a baby thrown out of his rally for upstaging him by doing a baby thing, crying.

Trump continues attacking a Gold Star family, saying that they have no right to speak in public. Trump surrogate Roger Stone went farther and accuses the family of being terrorists and implying that the fallen soldier was planning a terrorist attack himself.

Trump's daily degrading of the English language is well known. His latest assault on Shakespeare's tongue is repeatedly saying about the New York Times that "They don't write good." They certainly write gooder than Donald speaks. Trump's speeches have been analyzed at a third grade reading level while his grasp of grammar and syntax would embarrass a toddler.

Donald Trump may be the first person elected President before he is properly potty trained.

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