Friday, August 05, 2016

Can Trump Be Replaced?

The Assassination of Julius Caesar. Trump's fate?
Ladbrokes, a London betting parlor, has set the odds at 6 to 1 that Donald Trump will be replaced on the Republican presidential ticket. Those are remarkably short odds, less than half odds that bettors gave the Belmont Stakes winner Creator (14 to 1). Can it, will it, happen?

The Republican Party can't kick Trump to the curb; he would have to leave and there are only three ways out.
  1. Trump Quits the Race - Trump has the most extreme case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder I've ever seen. Quitting would be a humiliation that no narcissistic could tolerate.Trump would only voluntarily leave the race if he could anoint his own successor and the only person he would pick would be his first born son, Donald Trump Jr.
  2. Trump Dies - I can envision a cabal of vulnerable Republican senators thinking that surrounding Trump and stabbing him repeatedly is the only way to save their seats. Or, they could publicly assassinate Trump and set up some drugged and brainwashed Muslim as the fall guy. But, seriously, would Republicans really murder their own candidate? Possibly, not probably.
  3. Trump Is Hospitalized - Trump's children, seeing how he is screwing up the campaign and, worse for them, demolishing the Trump brand, have him forcibly committed to a mental institution. Trump's court appointed executor would then withdraw him from the election. Or, more likely, this same scenario with a cover story of Trump having a serious ailment forcing his withdrawal from the campaign.
If Newt Gingrich's intervention happens the result will be Trump losing his cell phone privileges, no more tweets. Trump will be forced to read off teleprompters at all public appearances and he will be punished every time he goes off script perhaps with an electric shock collar strapped to his thigh (watch for it). And he will mysteriously catch the flu for each of the presidential debates.

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