Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Damn, Trump Let Me Write About Something Else

So much Trump, so little bandwidth.

Keeps Stepping On His Own Headlines
So Trump makes a major "law and order" speech in Wisconsin, teleprompter and everything. So, rather than let this morning's headlines be about, you know, that, Trump shits all over himself by publicly reorganizing the top of his campaign staff. Again. It's not like he couldn't wait until Friday to make the change and let the news concentrate on his policies instead of the circus clowns.

Speaking of Clowns
And what a clown. Trump's new campaign head is a man with zero experience in running a campaign or working on a national campaign. Steve Bannon's sole qualification is his slavish devotion to all things Trump and, as head of an alt-right website, he has never met a weird conspiracy theory he couldn't swallow whole. We can expect Bannon and Trump to say

Where Are the Adults?
It is accepted that Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are the only intelligent members of the campaign. Where they are is exiled on "vacation" to Croatia sharing a yacht with Rupert Murdoch ex-wife who is rumored to be the current mistress of Vladimir Putin. Eighty-two days before an election is no time to be vacationing so, unless the Kushner's are negotiating the surrender of NATO to Russia, their absence from the campaign is really stupid.

Speaking of Russia
On the eve of receiving his first CIA briefing, Trump is on FOX News says that he won't be listening to American intelligence because he doesn't trust it. I suspect Trump will be more open to receiving briefings from Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service.

Kneel Before Zod
Trump's spokesperson Omarosa said in a PBS documentary that more important to Trump than turning the country around is that as President he can force his critics and detractors to "bow down" before Trump.

Et Tu Brute?
Most shocking of all, to me, is that John Yoo, author of the Bush Administration's legal justification for torture and, in my mind, a war criminal, has stated that he would rather see Hillary appoint Supreme Court justices than risk a Trump presidency. Really John, after all these years have you finally grown a small moral code. 

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