Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Donny and the Invisible Voters

It is sure to be a laff riot as the hilarious Donny Trump searches for the elusive Invisible Voters. Co-starring the evilest straightman in political history, Steve Bannon, and the seductive Kellyanne Conway, the three go on a wacky quest through the dark frightening forests of the Alt-Right seeking invisible voters that can't be seen by any poll or survey.

Watch the conniving Bannon twist gullible Donny around his little finger. Marvel as Kellyanne bats her eyelashes and magically turns little Donny into an actual ventriloquist dummy. Laugh out loud as Donny does his classic bit of failing to pick up a newspaper with his tiny, tiny hands.

We'd like to say it's fun for the whole family but the truth is that small children and rational, educated adults might find certain scenes terrifying. But those with minimal intelligence and no self-esteem will believe absolutely everything they see.

Coming this fall to a theater near you.

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