Sunday, August 02, 2015

The Blood Soaked Month of July

Americans were killed by the people hired to protect and serve them at an astonishing rate last month. Police killed 123 Americans in July. That is an average of four a day. For perspective, there were only two months where insurgents killed more US servicemembers during the entirety of the Iraq War.
On July 16, LAPD officers shot and killed Jason Davis, 41, for disorderly conduct while holding a knife.

The deadliest day was Monday July 13, when police killed nine people. That was the day the oldest victim died. Seventy-seven year-old Bud Brown's car was struck by a police officer speeding to join a drunk driving pursuit. Brown died of his injuries.

Brown was one of four to die from being hit by police vehicles. The vast majority of Americans were killed by police gunfire. Police also killed four people using "non-lethal" Tasers.

Not included in this total is Sandra Bland as her death in police custody is officially listed as a "suicide." At best, Ms. Bland killed herself because she was despondent after the needless abuse she had received from police. At worst, Ms. Bland was killed because her jailers decided to rid themselves of a troublesome Negress knowing that prosecutors never question jail "suicides."

Suicides are the hidden victims of the American Police State. Suicides are the leading cause of death in custody. Estimates are that an average of one American a day kills himself in his cell.  These are not the hardened criminals. It's innocents, like Sandra Bland, jailed for petty or non-existent crimes or juveniles locked up with adults that tend to kill themselves.

If we add in the suicides, police are responsible for ending the lives of 154 Americans in July. 

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