Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Jade Helm Crazies

Three weeks ago I wondered how long it would take before some "deranged, methed up, gun totting," mouth breather would shoot at an innocent servicemember because of the Jade Helm hysteria. Apparently the answer is 20 days.

Two so far unknown men took pot shots at military personnel near Hattiesburg, MS today. I was wrong insofar as I had predicted this to happen in Texas but Mississippi has more than its far share of illiterate, inbred pseudo-patriots.

I am not suggesting that the South Mississippi Outlaw Militia was responsible for the shooting. I am simply observing that such a thing exists. They are old-fashioned Lost Causers who are preparing for the day when the Confederacy shall rise again. Their symbolism includes the Rebel flag and the German Iron Cross. They have an affection for assault weapons and the Germanic Fraktur font.

That III% thing is from the belief that the Continental Army numbered about 75,000 men or 3% of the population of the colonies in 1776. The equivalent today would be a fighting force of 10 million. All the "militia patriots" in the country amount to less than 0.02% of the population.
Many of them would need mobility scooters to get up Bunker Hill.


Anonymous said...

This is the Founder of the Outlaw Militia, you are sadly mistaken on all of your beliefs towards us. Anyone who views this is more than welcome to come to our Facebook page. Just search Mississippi Outlaw Militia on facebook and find out what we are about for yourselves. - General Haulk

Anonymous said...

All this from a Member of a political party in which one of the front runners are married to her cousin, this article is laughable and not because it's writer obviously disregards factual statistics but also because the writers obvious lack of information and knowledge of the subject matter, The author of this sleazy opinion piece, written with the mentality and attitude of a five year old, should feel lucky that the Militia stands in favor of the value of free speech even if written by a knuckle dragger who profiles psychologically to be not only to be a sociopath but also a drug abuser, but I digress. As aforementioned, the Author should feel lucky that the militia values the constitution above money, simply obvious because the fact that the 'Outlaw Militia' has not sued Mr.Alan Sakarias for Slander and defamation of character, and having worked as a legal aid I can attest that this article would give them enough 'ammunition' to use in a legal case if you'll pardon the pun.

Willard Gray-

Anonymous said...

Mississippi outlaw militia is a joke and a bunch of white trash thugs who feel like they should be respected. I have absolutely zero respect for the Mississippi outlaw militia, their methed out leader, or their racism. If you guys hate America than leave. It's that simple. How many of you bums are getting free benefits from the same government you talk trash about? I would be willing to bet out of the dozen or so of you oxygen theaves at least half of you are supported by government benefits. You guys are yellow stains.