Monday, August 17, 2015

Chaos Is Funny

Note, I didn't say "fun." The Iraq War was a clinical definition of chaotic but it was the least fun had in Mesopotamia since the Mongols sacked Baghdad in 1258.
Although I'm sure the Mongols had fun.
Neither is Chaos the same thing as anarchy. Anarchy is the absence of law and order. Chaos can have a shitload of laws (Nazi Germany) and stifling order (Stalin's purges). What chaos has is an infinity of uncertainty where nothing makes sense. Chaos is a comedy of the absurd.

The man who is still the odds on favorite for the nomination (Jeb! Bush) is polling in the single digits while the runaway leader in the polls is a sentient baboon.
Every week the wise men of the Party declare that the baboon has gone "beyond the Pale" only to find that he is even more beloved by the unwashed masses of the Party. The Republican professional class are having their minds blown so often it sound like an Orville Redenbacher party. The only people not laughing hysterically at this are Scott Walker's paid consultants.

My second biggest fear is that I will not live long enough to witness the most devastating effects of climate change. God, what a hoot it will be. Preachers standing on a Texas beach praying to God to stop the tide. Rick Scott explaining in a press conference how Miami flooded under ten feet of sea water is no way his fault. The comedy has started, last Spring Republicans blamed environmentalists for the lack of rain in California.
San Diego burning, 2007. I was there.
My biggest fear is that I will live long enough to witness the most devastating effects of climate change. Fires and drought battering my home every year. Trillions spend globally to defend major cities like New York and Tokyo from the rising oceans. The destruction will certainly be funny in a horrible way while the satisfaction at being able to say "I told you so" will be tempered by the need to scrounge for drinking water.

Funny, but not fun.

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