Friday, August 28, 2015

The Stange World of Dr. Ben Carson

If it weren't for The Donald, Carson would be the preeminent joke of the 2015 election season. Carson is a former brain surgeon. Having been caregiver to two elderly parents I have lots of experience with medical specialists. Most of them are merely skilled body mechanics. They see people the same way an auto mechanic sees a 280Z.
He made love to me like he was fixing a carburetor or something. ~ Roxie Hart, Chicago
You wouldn't want a surgeon with no government experience running the economy anymore than you'd want the lead mechanic at your Ford dealership fixing your spleen.

Carson's Tax Plan
Is straight out of the book of Genesis where Jacob promised to give God a tenth of what he has.  It's stunningly simplistic, befitting the education of someone born 30 centuries ago. Ben doesn't bother doing the math, studying the socioeconomic ramifications, or even thinking about it much. He just figures, if it's good enough for God it's good enough for him.

Carson also doesn't bother reading further along in the Bible. The book of Acts goes straight up Marxist and says that the wealthy sold all of their property and "laid it at the apostles' feet" who then distributed it to everyone according to their needs. How about a New Testament tax plan, Ben.

Carson on Women
Ben believes the biggest problem regarding violence against women is the demonization of the men. He believes that rape victims and children impregnated through incest must be forced to carry the babies to term. He calls cases of abortion to save the life of the mother "spurious" and not worth discussing. He recently denied there was a war against women but rather a war on "what's inside women." He hasn't explained that statement but I suspect he means their wombs, the only part of a woman he values.

Carson on War
There was a time when Ben was something of a pacifist. A couple years ago he wrote that the Vietnam War was wrong and the Iraq War immoral. But now that he's running for President, Ben has gone totally Cheney. He has more recently said that there should be no rules in war, any atrocity is acceptable, and we should wage a war of annihilation against ISIS.

Carson on Gays
Ben belongs to the "gays are icky" wing of the Republican Party. Like his tax plan, Ben has a 30 century old concept of civil rights and equality. I don't expect Ben to enter the 21st century but, God, if you're listening, that would be a miracle.

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