Sunday, August 30, 2015

Walker's Border Wall

Not wishing to fall behind in the crazy ideas race that is the Republican Party, Scott Walker is supporting walling off the US-Canada border.
At Stanstead, Que/Derby Lane, VT, the border runs through the middle of the library. Walker would have to wall off the fiction section from the non-fiction section.
  • The land border is over 3,000 miles. The US-Mexico border is only 2,000 miles long.
  • A wall with Canada would disrupt the migrations of numerous species, most notably the Porcupine Caribou herd. This would lead to mass starvation of native peoples in both Canada and Alaska.
  • The water border is over 2,300 miles, mostly the Great Lakes.
  • Crossing the water border takes a boat (or snowmobile as many of the lakes freeze over in the winter).
This is the border fence at the Pacific Ocean. All you need to cross is a boogie board and swimming skills.
  • Assuming he doesn't want to build a wall on top of the Great Lakes, the only other option is building a wall along the 5,000 mile Great Lakes coastline of the United States. Say good-bye to Wisconsin's beach tourist season.
Great Walls In History
Donald Trump expects his "we hate Mexico" border fence will be named after him. Walker's anti-Canadian wall will definitely be named after him.

Great Wall of China
Great Wall ends at the Yellow Sea.
Walker's great wall of Canada would be as long as the one in China. China's wall was breached by invaders numerous times.

Berlin Wall
Only 87 miles long, it stood as a symbol of liberty to all East Germans for decades.

Hadrian’s Wall
Built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian for the same reason Walker wants his wall - to keep the northern barbarians from infecting his civilized culture. At 73 miles it is less than 2% of Walker's Wall.

Gum Wall
Seattle's 50 foot long Gum Wall would not be as silly as either Trump's Wall or Walker's Wall.