Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Topics I'm Avoiding

For two days now I've been searching in vain for something to write about.
  • There's the debt crisis, but that trail is so well trod it is nothing but a muddy quagmire now.
  • Gun control is a topic but the distance between what should be done, what can be done, and what will be done is redefining the concept of infinity.
  • I looked at the history of massacres in America but that was just too depressing.
  • Sports led me to Junior Seau's suicide and the knowledge that football players fully know they are sacrificing a lifetime of health, happiness, and sanity for a few fleeting years of glory.
  • And that led me to realize that football and MMA cage fighting are blood sports no less barbaric than ancient Roman gladiatorial spectacles. Now I'm really depressed.
  • And that, oddly, led me to discover the "Stadium Pal" which is a urine bag football fans wear so they don't have to leave their seats during the game to pee.
  • Totally depressed about all of humanity I thought about going silly and investigated "proof of UFOs." Unfortunately, almost all the videos just look like passing meteors to me.
I give up. It's a sunny, beautiful day and I'm going outside to play.


Anonymous said...

I know you don't want to talk about this, but I was just curious today, setting aside the fact that the Supreme Court does not want to interpret the opening phrase of the Second Amendment about a "well-regulated militia" to have any meaning in the context of the right they interpret the Amendment to provide, I was curious on what basis one could interpret the right to "keep and bear arms" as impacting or establishing any right to sell arms or ammunition. I wonder if a case couldn't be made that the amendment does not afford a right to sellers of weapons. I recognize that people will argue that the Amendment requires sellers in order to be meaningful, but I do not think there is a single bit of history to support the proposition that the measure was intended to protects arms dealers.

Katy Anders said...

Sometimes, all you can do is clear your mind and start from scratch on another day.

Katy Anders said...

@Anonymous 3:53:

You bring up a good point. The 2nd amendment is the only part of the Bill of Rights that has a clause like that introducing it.

It doesn't just say, "Congress shall make no law." It gives a REASON. A purpose. A prism through which the law must be seen.

The Supreme Court decided the clause didn't mean anything, but that makes little sense - especially since folks like Scalia seem so concerned with original intent. What is more important in interpreting original intent than a clause summarizing the PURPOSE of the Amendment?