Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The AIG Scorpion and Other Stories

AIG Backstabbers
I've been wondering why AIG would be putting out all these ads thanking the government for bailing it out. It didn't make sense financially because it was not the kind of advertising that would bring in new business. Now I understand. AIG is considering suing the government for $25 billion in damages for saving the company. It reminds me of the story of the scorpion and the frog. AIG can't help being treacherous backstabbers - betrayal is just their nature.

Congressional Dialing for Dollars
The recommended schedule for incoming Congressmen is four hours a day on the phone fundraising, a daily hour schmoozing with lobbyists and having your picture taken, an hour nap (always save time for your nap), and if you can find the time what's left of your day maybe a couple of hours of actual, you know, working.

The thing I hated worst about politics was cold calling people begging for contributions. Nobody is even pretending any longer that Congressmen do much else in their lives but sell themselves like $2 hookers.

Blame Iran
News stories are blaming Iran for a series of cyber attacks on banks, claiming it is the only country with the resources and skills to pull it off. Poppycock! I can think of several other nations with the needed skills including Russia, Israel, China, and MIT. Actually, each is better equipped than Iran to pull it off.

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