Sunday, January 20, 2013

NRA Wants a Police State

The National Rifle Association wants nothing less than to turn America into an armed camp.
Their acolytes want to make entering a house of worship similar to entering a military base. The weapons tech, not the preacher, will be the most important person in the church.

Of course, the NRA is all about getting guns in schools. Armed guards defending classes,
barbed wire fences protecting the children,
militarized check points. Nothing is too much for the safety of our kids.

Mothers going to the grocery store and
teens gathering at the food court will make everybody feel safer if they are packing heat.

Sure several dozen kids will be accidentally shot in the course of being made safe. The occasional gun will be accidentally forgotten in the school bathroom after the guard took a dump. But this is all collateral damage. These deaths are simply the price of freedom in a police state.

an armed citizenry is never, ever threatening and can
never, ever, ever end badly.

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