Monday, January 21, 2013

Dream Wisdom

A couple of nights ago I had a dream where I composed a profound set of observations that can only be described as transcendental political wisdom.
These simple but deep observations, if put into practice, would revolutionize the ways to achieve political success. We are talking about wisdom on the level of Lao Tzu here.

Even though I was asleep I was aware of how difficult it is to hold onto dreams after waking so, in my sleep state, I worked hard at memorizing as many of the nuggets as I could.

It worked! At least partially. I remembered a few things which I shall now share.

KnightErrant's Guide to Political Wisdom
  • Never cut across the grain, always with the grain.
  • Compromise is not surrender but surrendering is a form of compromise.
  • Your friends are often your biggest enemies and vice versa.
  • Big fights always come from the small fights you ignore.
  • Losing is better than....(something, I forgot the rest).
That's all I can remember. Profound, yeah? Reminds me of this old story.

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