Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Chuck Hagel for Defense?

I've never thought about Chuck Hagel before yesterday except for those six seconds or so when I wondered if he was related to Katherine Heigl (You can't say she wouldn't be a more interesting choice).

My initial thought was Hagel was another one of the President's attempts at being nice to Republicans, you know, picking one of their own for a key spot in his administration. Then the pachyderm party began throwing their hissy fits.
  • First we learn that the SecDef has to be pre-approved by the Knesset before his nomination is submitted to the US Senate.
  • Second, Republicans feign outrage, for the first time in recorded history, over someone's homophobic comment. Really?
  • Third, we are told to be afraid that Hagel isn't advocating the invasion of Iran. Apparently, Republicans believe if we keep invading Muslim countries we, eventually, will get it right. Third time's a charm, you know.
  • Finally, Republicans content that Hagel is not a doctrinaire Republican and is, therefore, unqualified to be SecDef in a Democratic administration.
And now my interest in Chuck Hagel has waned. If we must have a Republican as SecDef, then Hagel is a better than average choice. But, I have a bizarre idea. How about nominating a Democrat for the position? If Obama wants Hagel, he can have him. I don't care. But I won't waste any time supporting the choice.

I am, however, sick at the thought of torture advocate John Brennan becoming CIA director. And with Hagel drawing all the fire, Brennan will likely get a free ticket into office.

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Katy Anders said...

When is the last time we had a Democrat as Secretary of Defense? Lee Aspin?