Friday, January 18, 2013

Open Letter to Anti-ObamaCare CEOs

Clarence Otis, CEO Darden Restaurants
John Schnatter, CEO Papa John Pizza
John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods Market

Dear Sir:

I used to be a customer of your until you decided to speak out against ObamaCare. You have claimed to have been misquoted or misspoke but I doubt words like "fascism" can be misunderstood.

You have implied that providing health care to your employees will drive you out of business. I certainly do not want to make you into a liar nor prolong your agony as a business owner by spending money at your establishment.

I believe that basic health care ought to be a right. You believe health care is a privilege reserved only for wealthier Americans. I had become afraid to enter your establishment knowing that you are unconcerned whether your employees are carrying undiagnosed illnesses.

You would not have been so open about your beliefs if you had not been disgusted that people like myself had been sullying your establishment with out liberal thoughts. In truth, you were probably as uncomfortable having me as a customer as I was.

I have successfully replaced you with other businesses. It is true that I don't know if these new owners are as vile and hate filled toward their employees as you. They may be, but at least they are not open and boastful about it.

May I suggest you reread Atlas Shrugged and consider "going Galt." It is quite probable that the world will be better off if you do.

Alan Sakarias (Knighterrant)

P.S. I actually have never been in a Darden restaurant but I had been Red Lobster curious.


Anonymous said...

So good, I have nothing to add. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately workers can afford it themselves.