Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Republicans Hate America

Republicans Hate Prosperity
Ginger Rogers singing "We're In the Money" in pig-Latin.
There can be no doubt that the economy is improving. Jobless claims at at a five year low. The stock market is at a five-year high. Things are really beginning to look up. Republicans think that now is the perfect time to crash the economy by forcing the government to default on its debt.

Republicans Hate Uteri
Two-thirds of Americans believe women should have the right to an abortion. Those numbers cross demographic boundaries, race and gender don't significantly change the responses. The only outliers are white evangelicals and Republican legislators.

Republicans Hate Peace
Whether it is calls for civil war over attempts to limit gun deaths or demands for war with Iran, Republicans have a never ending, insatiable desire for blood.

Republicans Hate Fair Elections
Republicans are redoubling their efforts at voter suppression. And they have a new, cunning plan. Take states where Obama won but Republicans control the legislature because of gerrymandering and use that same mapping skill to flip future elections. Under Republican plans for the Electoral College, Mitt Romney would have won the Presidency even though he lost the popular vote by five million votes.

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Anonymous said...

You are a deranged idiot. Do you you really read everything you type? Most Republicans are like Democrats,they are very patriotic. Just because republicans are responsible and want a balanced budget doesn't mean they hate the USA. Just because they don't want to kick the can down the road and try to fix this mess Obama has created doesn't mean they hate America. You are a sad closed minded individual and I feel sorry for you and those like you